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Release Process For C++ Components


  • This process covers major and minor releases only. Bug-fix releases, which increment the third digit, are performed on a A.B.X branch and not on master, but otherwise is similar.
  • Some of these operations can be performed either on the Command-Line or in your IDE, whatever you prefer.


  • Confirm correctness for
    • NOTICE – check for copyright dates
    • README.md
    • .asf.yaml
    • .gitignore
  • From Command Line or IDE:
    • Run Unit tests
    • Run Code Coverage > 90%
    • Confirm that all temporary branches are checked into master and/or deleted, both local and remote.
    • Confirm any new bug fixes have corresponding tests
  • From Command Line at Component root:
    • To confirm gpg-agent is running type:
      • ps -axww | grep gpg # you should see something like:
        • 64438 ?? 0:30.33 gpg-agent –homedir /Users/<name>/.gnupg –use-standard-socket –daemon
      • To start GPG if GPG Agent is not running:
        • eval $(gpg-agent --daemon)
    • Confirm GitHub repository is current and git status is clean:
      • git status # should return:
      • “nothing to commit, working tree clean”
    • At major version releases, search for deprecated code and remove at Major Versions only.
      • find . -name "*.?pp" -type f -print | xargs grep -i -n -s -A0 "deprecated"
      • you may need to ignore false positives in the pybind11 directory

Create Permanent Release Branch & Python Version Preparation

  • Assume target version = A.B.0
  • From IDE or Command Line:
    • Create new Permanent Branch: “A.B.X”
    • Change the content of the version.cfg.in file to A.B.0
    • Commit the change.
    • Create Annotated TAG: A.B.0-RC1 (or RCn)
    • Write down the Git hash : example: 40c6f4f
    • Push Branch “A.B.X” with edited version.cfg.in to origin
    • Do explicit push of tags on branch “A.B.X” to origin:
      • git push origin --tags
  • From a web browser at origin web site: github.com/apache/datasketches-<component>
    • Select the A.B.X branch
    • Confirm that the tag: A.B.0-RC1 exists and that the tag is on the latest commit and with the correct Git hash.
  • From IDE or Command Line:
    • Confirm that the tag A.B.0-RC1 and the branch A.B.X, and HEAD coincide with the correct Git hash.
    • Confirm that there are no unstaged or staged changes.
    • Return to master branch
    • Edit master version.cfg.in to A’.B’.@DT@.@HHMM@ where A’ or B’ will be incremented by 1.
    • Commit and Push this change to origin/master with the comment “Release Process: Change version to A’.B’ development”
    • Return to release branch A.B.X

Create and/or Checkout Local dist/dev directories on your system

  • If you have not already, on your system create the two directory structures that mirror the dist.apache.org/repos/ directories:
    • mkdir dist/dev/datasketches/
    • mkdir dist/release/datasketches/
  • Checkout both “dev” and “release” directories
    • Open a terminal in the dist/dev/datasketches directory and do a checkout:
      • svn co https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/datasketches/ . #Note the DOT
      • svn status # make sure it is clean
    • Open a terminal in the dist/release/datasketches directory and do a checkout:
      • svn co https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/release/datasketches/ . #Note the DOT
      • svn status # make sure it is clean

Create the Candidate Apache Release Distribution on dist/dev

Create primary zip files & signatures

  • You will need the following arguments:
    • Absolute path of target project.basedir on your system
    • Artifact name : datasketches-<component> where component is e.g., cpp
    • GitHub Tag: A.B.0-RC1 (or RCn)
  • Start a new terminal in the above dist/dev/datasketches/scripts directory on your system:
    • To confirm gpg-agent is running type:
      • ps -axww | grep gpg # you should see something like:
        • 64438 ?? 0:30.33 gpg-agent –homedir /Users/<name>/.gnupg –use-standard-socket –daemon
      • To start GPG if GPG Agent is not running:
        • eval $(gpg-agent --daemon)
    • Run something like:
      • ./bashDeployToDist.sh /Users/\<name\>/dev/git/Apache/datasketches-\<component\> datasketches-\<component\> A.B.0-RC1
      • Follow the instructions.
      • NOTE: if you get the error “gpg: signing failed: No pinentry”:
        • open .gnupg/gpg-agent.conf
        • change to: pinentry-program /usr/local/bin/pinentry-tty
        • reload the gpg agent in the terminal: gpg-connect-agent reloadagent /bye
        • restart the ./bashDeployToDist script
      • Close the terminal
  • Check and grab the web URL ~ https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/datasketches/<component>/A.B.0-RC1/
    • There should be 3 files: *-src.zip, *-src.zip.asc, *-src.zip.sha512

Create Copy of External Artifact Distributions

  • Run ‘Build Python Wheels’ action on GitHub for the release branch
  • When the build finishes download artifact.zip from it
  • Use sign_pypi_wheels.sh script to add GPG signatures and SHA512 checksums
  • Check in the result as ‘pypi’ subdirectory in the release candidate directory

Prepare & Send [VOTE] Letter to dev@

  • See VoteTemplates directory for a recent example
  • If vote is not successful, fix the problem and repeat above steps.
  • After a successful vote return to this point and continue …

Prepare & Send [VOTE-RESULT] Letter to dev@

  • See VoteTemplates directory for a recent example
  • Declare that the vote is closed.
  • Summarize PPMC vote results

Move files from dev/staging to release

  • use dist/dev/datasketches/scripts/moveDevToRelease.sh script to move the approved release candidate to the destination
  • upload pypi artifacts to pypi.org
    • make a temporary copy of the pypi directory and remove *.asc and *.sha512 files from it
    • follow this guide
      • upload to test.pypi.org
      • install from test pypi
      • upload to pypi.org

Create & Document Release Tag on GitHub

  • Open your IDE and switch to the recently created Release Branch A.B.X
  • Find the recently created A.B.0-RCn tag in that branch
  • At that same GitHub ID hash, create a new tag A.B.0 (without the RCn).
  • From the Command Line: Push the new tag to origin:
    • git push origin --tags
  • On the GitHub component site document the release

Update Website Downloads.md “Latest Source Zip Files” Table

  • This script assumes that the remote …/dist/release/datasketches/… directories are up-to-date with no old releases.
  • Start a new terminal in the ../dist/dev/datasketches/scripts directory on your system:
  • Make sure you local website directory is pointing to master and up-to-date.
  • Run the following with the argument specifying the location of your local website directory:
    • ./createDownloadsInclude.sh /Users/\<name\>/ ... /datasketches-website
  • When this is done, be sure to commit the changes to the website.

Update Website Documentation

  • Run Doxygen GitHub action for the release tag
  • Check that it finished successfully and, optionally, check that it created docs/X.Y.Z directory in the “gh-pages” branch
  • Check https://apache.github.io/datasketches-cpp/X.Y.Z/
  • Update link in _includes/javadocs.html in the datasketches-website repository

Prepare Announce Letter to dev@

  • ASF requests that you wait 24 hours to publish Announce letter to allow the propagation to mirrors.
  • Use recent template
  • Summarize vote results

Update These Instructions

  • If you have updated this file or any of the scripts, please update this file on the website and dist/dev/datasketches for the scripts.