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New Committer Process

Create Proposal for New Candidate

  • NOTE On private datasketches mail list ONLY!

Here are some topics to consider when writing your proposal about the candidate. Any one of which may be sufficient to invite someone to join us as a new committer.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Ability to work cooperatively with peers
    • Is this person willing to help peers to balance workload?
    • Does this person respond positively to criticism?
    • Does this person participate in the group decision-making processes?
  • Ability and willingness to guide and mentor others
    • How clearly does this person communicate?
    • Does this person take pains to explain elementary concepts?
    • Does this person demonstrate patience and respect when answering user queries?

Product Contributions

This can be in a number of areas including:

  • PRs or code grants
  • Documentation
  • CI/CD automation
  • Build systems
  • Website structure and content

Marketing Contributions

  • Evangelizing the use of sketches to solve problems
  • Organizing workshops, meetups
  • Doing or promoting tech talks with our team and with external scientists and engineers.
  • Writing blogposts and “what’s new” posts for community growth

Scientific Contributions

  • Has this person authored research papers on sketching algorithms and contributed code that was developed as part of that research to our project?
  • Has this person provided substantial assistance to us in understanding the nuances of a theoretical research paper on sketching and how it could be implemented in our library?
  • Has this person demonstrated a high level of interest in having their theoretical work implemented in our library even though this person may not be a fluent programmer?

Community Contributions

  • Has this person participated in our mailing lists, Slack discussions, and GitHub issues?
  • Is this person known and respected by our active committers and our PMC?
  • Has exhibited a high level of interest and commitment to learn, not only about our code base, but about the underlying theory of sketching as well?

Write Proposal in a DISCUSS thread

NOTE On private datasketches mail list ONLY!

From: (PMC Member)
To: private datasketches mail list ONLY! DO NOT CC!
Subject: [DISCUSS] Proposal to invite as new committer.

Dear PMC,

This is a proposal to offer to [Candidate] to join us as a committer on our project.


This discussion will end on (month/ day at HH:MM [TimeZone]).

If this discussion produces a positive consensus or no objections, I will use lazy consensus and proceed to a vote.

Regards, (PMC Member)


Write a vote email similar to the following:

NOTE On private datasketches mail list ONLY!

From: (PMC Member)
To: private datasketches mail list
Subject: [VOTE] [Candidate] as new Committer

(Summarize the results of the DISCUSS thread )

The vote will be performed as follows:

  • Voting ends X days from today, i.e, midnight UTC on YYYY-MM-DD, . (we recommend at least 3 days)
  • At least 3 (+1) PMC votes and no (-1) votes.

Please vote accordingly:

[ ] +1 approve
[ ] +0 no opinion
[ ] -1 disapprove with the reason

(PMC Member)

Close the Vote

NOTE On private datasketches mail list ONLY!

After sufficient votes have been obtained and the time as elapsed, issue an email similar to the following:

Subject: [RESULT][VOTE] [Candidate] as new Committer

The vote is now closed.

Passed/Did not pass with X (+1) binding votes (list names), and Y 0 votes and Z -1 votes.

Regards, (PMC MEMBER)

Committer Invite Example

NOTE CC’d to private datasketches mail list ONLY!

Write a letter to the candidate similar to the following:

To: [Candidate]
CC: private datasketches mail list
From: (PMC Member)
Subject: Invitation to become DataSketches Committer

Hello [Candidate]

The datasketches Project Management Committee (PMC) hereby offers you committer privileges to the project. These privileges are offered on the understanding that you’ll use them reasonably and with common sense. We like to work on trust rather than unnecessary constraints.

Being a committer grants you write access to all of our repositories. In our normal code committing process we all use PRs and like to have at least one other committer or PMC member review the code before it is merged into master. However, for trivial edits (e.g. typos, documentation corrections) you may make commits on your own.

Being a committer does not require you to participate any more than you already do. It does tend to make one even more involved as you will probably find that you spend more time with our project. Of course, you can decline and instead remain as a contributor, participating as you do now.

A. This personal invitation is a chance for you to accept or decline in private. Either way, please let us know in reply to the private datasketches mail list address only.

B. If you accept, you will receive a follow-up message with the next steps to establish you as a committer.

Regards (PMC MEMBER)

If Candidate Accepts, Followup Instructions

NOTE CC’d to private datasketches mail list ONLY!

To: [Candidate]
CC: private datasketches mail list
From: (PMC Member)
Subject: Welcome to the Apache DataSketches Project as a Committer!

Dear (Candidate),

Welcome to our project! We are excited to have you join us.

To complete your admission as a committer you need to register an Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA) with ASF.

  • Explanation of the ICLA: https://www.apache.org/licenses/contributor-agreements.html
  • ICLA form: https://www.apache.org/licenses/icla.pdf.
    • On the form choose a preferred Apache ID. This will become your Apache email address, e.g. @apache.org. When your account gets set up you will be able to specify a forwarding email address for messages sent to your apache.org email. You can look to see if your preferred ID is already taken at <https://people.apache.org/committer-index.html>.
    • Under notify project write Apache DataSketches
  • Note that the ICLA contains your confidential information and should only be sent directly to secretary@apache.org and not CC’d to this private@ email address nor to me
  • In your letter to the secretary please request the secretary to notify private datasketches mail list once the ICLA has been recorded.
  • Once you have sent your ICLA to the secretary please notify us on this private@ email address so that we can coordinate with the secretary in getting your account set up.

After the ICLA has been recorded and your account created we will announce your joining the project on dev@datasketches.apache.org.

The developer section of the website describes the roles and provides other resources:

The Apache Incubator project also has some useful information for new committers:

Just as before you became a committer, participation in any ASF community requires adherence to the ASF Code of Conduct:

Again, welcome to the DataSketches project!

Best Regards,
(PMC Member)

Sample Letter from Secretary confirming filing of the ICLA

NOTE CC’d to private datasketches mail list ONLY!

From: Matt Sicker (secretary)
To: private datasketches mail list
Subject: [FORM] Account Request - candidate@gxyz.com: [Candidate]
List: private datasketches mail list

Prospective userid: 123456
Full Name: [Candidate]
Forwarding emal address: blah

Account Creation

NOTE CC’d to private datasketches mail list ONLY!

If the ICLA identifies the project and a valid Apache id, and the [RESULT][VOTE] message has been posted to the PMC private list, then the account creation request is made by the secretary or assistant who files the ICLA.

Otherwise, new account requests will only be accepted from PMC chairs and ASF members.

Completing the New Committer Account Setup

After the committer account is established.

To: private datasketches mail list, (new committer)
Subject: Completing the setup of your Account

Hello (new committer),
The ASF Infrastructure team has set up your committer account with the username ‘blah’ with an Apache email of @apache.org. The next portion of the setup you must do.

Please follow the instructions at the Guide For New Project Committers to set up your SSH, svn password, svn configuration, mail forwarding, GitHub ID, etc.

  • For new PMC members only:
    • Please subscribe to the DataSketches Project Management Committee mailing list private datasketches mail list.

As a committer on the DataSketches Project you will have commit access to the following DataSketches repositories as follows:

  • https://github.com/apache/datasketches-java
  • https://github.com/apache/datasketches-cpp
  • https://github.com/apache/datasketches-hive
  • https://github.com/apache/datasketches-pig
  • https://github.com/apache/datasketches-postgresql
  • https://github.com/apache/datasketches-characterization
  • https://github.com/apache/datasketches-website
  • https://github.com/apache/datasketches-memory
  • https://github.com/apache/datasketches-vector
  • https://github.com/apache/datasketches-server
  • https://github.com/apache/datasketches-experimentation

Please become familiar with the following ASF resources:

Once this is completed, I will send you an invite to our ASF slack channel (with your ASF account) and will announce your joining our project on our dev@ list.

ASF documentation is maintained by volunteers and hence can be out-of-date and incomplete, so we beg your understanding, and, of course, perhaps you can help us fix that!

Naturally, if you have any questions be sure to ask us on the dev@datasketches.apache.org mailing list or on our slack channel.

Regards, (PMC Member) —

Adding the New Committer to the DataSketches Roster


Any PMC Member can add the new committer to the roster on the DataSketches Roster by clicking the ADD button at the top of the page.

Committer Announce Template

After the committer account is established.

From: PMC Member To: dev@datasketches.apache.org Subject: Please Welcome (new committer) as new committer

I am happy to announce that (new committer) has joined us as a new committer!

(add specific details here about new committer)

Regards, (PMC Member)